Android App Market Reaches 20,000 Mark - App Store, Watch Out!

The number of applications currently in the Google Android Marketplace has apparently reached more than 20,000, slightly more than one year after it was launched.

The figures were collected and crunched by Android-focused website, Androlib, which hasn't said where it got its figures. It has however been tracking Android apps since its launch as Googld doesn't disclose statistical data related to Android.

Nearly a third of those applications are paid for and according to Androlib, the end of November 209 saw a spike when more than 350 applications and games were published on a single day.

The App store, in comparison, has more than 100,000 apps although that high number is starting to draw some criticisms especially as it is becoming increasingly difficult to drill down and find out which app is worthy.

The majority of Android apps have been downloaded 50 times or less with the percentage of apps having been downloaded 50,000 times or more equivalent to 4.2 percent.

Surprisingly, nearly half of all reviews of Android apps have five stars (out of five) ratings with only 17 percent carrying a one-star rating. Overall, most users - 75 percent or more - are apparently satisfied or moderately satisfied with Android applications.

Finally, the overwhelming number of applications in the market - 85 percent - are non gaming. Android Market passed the 10,000 app count back in July 2009. 2010 is going to be a pretty exciting year for the Android platform, bring on the Nexus!

Our Comments

The App store doubled in size in five months which is pretty impressive; expect the App store to reach 50,000 apps before the end of H1 2010. The rate at which apps are released has been on the rise with 3500 apps released in November alone.

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