Facebook Privacy Overhaul Attracts Criticisms

In the light of Facebook announcing fresh updates for its privacy tool last week, the social networking site has come under fire from security experts who believe that the update has left a gaping hole for hackers to access private data of millions of Facebook users.

The world’s most popular social networking site had offered a whole bunch of security updates, in an attempt to enhance the security features present on the website. The new updates claimed to provide the users with the ability to control who gets to view their profile and who doesn’t.

When the updates were activated, users who logged on were served with a prompt that asked them to update their privacy settings. They were given an option to share their profile and status with ‘friends’, ‘friends of friends’ or ‘everyone’.

However, when the prompts were ignored, the setting changed to ‘everyone’ by default and exposed the profile, status, photos and friend list along with private information of millions of Facebook users for public viewing via search engines like Goggle and Bing.

Experts believe that the new update, apart from making the site more user friendly, has offered unexpected opportunities through which hackers can get an easy access to sensitive personal information.

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The same experts are also of the opinion that the mass availability of user information on Google and Bing has incinerated the vital layer of security that is typically utilised by medical and financial institutions to protect sensitive customer data.

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