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Google To Rival TinyURL, With URL Shortener

The relatively low-profile URL shortening business seems to be drawing the attention of some of the big names of the Silicon Valley, as both Google and Facebook have forayed into that segment.

Both are planning to their new services for the same, dubbed as “” and “”, respectively although Google has already said that for now the service won't be for broader consumer use.

As of now, the URL shortening business is being dominated by and TinyURL, but the entry of two of the most popular names of the tech industry could actually change the dynamics to a great extent.

However, this new link from Google wouldn’t be a general purpose link, as in the case of and TinyURL, but it would be incorporated into the Google products, starting with its signature browser toolbar as well as Feedburner RSS service.

This implies that the above mentioned services could now form shortened URLs that connect to the required source content while entering fewer characters. These shortened URLs are instrumental in sharing information on a platform, such as Twitter, where number of characters is actually a concern.

Announcing the new move, Google quoted in its official blog posting: “Currently, Google URL Shortener is only available from the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. If the service proves useful, we may eventually make it available for a wider audience in the future.”

Our Comments

We don't know how and when Facebook will introduce the new URL shortening service. is redirecting to Facebook's homepage and it is likely that in the next few months, tinyurl and, which has now surpassed the former as the biggest URL shortener, see below average growth.

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