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Google Unveils Christmas Egg With "I'm feeling lucky" Countdown

The search engine bellwether Google has baffled its users by flashing a mysterious countdown when web users click on to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab on its search homepage.

This enigmatic countdown had initially left the web users scratching their heads, with various online users deciphered this puzzling timer in their own distinctive ways but it simply showed a countdown to the end of the year.

It seems that the search engine giant left it all on its users and mentioned nothing about what the puzzling countdown timer exactly meant.

Furthermore, it is believed that the countdown is only visible to the people using the English version of the website, such as,,, and, as pressing the same tab in the French and German iterations of the website is instead showing an error box.

If proved, this would come as the latest in a long list of pranks and disguised antics being poured by the Google engineers in their products.

Why would Google developers do something like this? No one really knows. Arguably, the count down timer does not sell anything and apart from counting down, doesn't really does anything helpful.

Our Comments

Let's hope there is nothing prophetic about this countdown and that Google is not preparing to launch something on new Year's day. Google is doing its best though to stay on top of the mind of journalist and bloggers with such regular "eggs".

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