iPhone, iPod Touch Lead List Of Most Searched UK Christmas Gifts

According to online intelligence agency Experiance Hitwise, during the first week of December, Apple's most revered product, the iPhone came on top of all searches, getting 1.75 percent of all queries (or one out of every 55 searches).

Most significantly, that percentage rose to 14 percent when it came to mobile phone searches which could mean that iPhone users, who use the search functionality the most, tend to search for their own handsets frequently.

The Apple iPod Touch came second with a 1.29 percent of all shares. This means that altogether, one in every 33 searches in the UK were for Apple portable devices.

The Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 occupied the next three spots with 1.24 percent, 1.18 percent and o0.98 percent respectively. Interestingly, the Wii has been dethroned by the Xbox 360 as the most searched games console.

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 came number 6, followed by the Nintendo DS Lite, hair straighteners the Apple iPod Nano and Gogo Hamsters.

The Christmas festive season is one of the most critical periods for high street and online retailers. Experian Hitwise noted that the volume of internet visits in the UK to consumer electronics websites increased by nearly 17 percent between October and November.

It did not report on the last two months though, which is likely to have been just as much as, as expected, customers wait for the last moment to make the most of last minute bargains offered by retailers.

Robin Goad, research director at Experian Hitwise, commented : "UK Internet visits to consumer electronics retail websites always increase in the run-up to Christmas and this year they peaked during the week ending 5 December - a week closer to Christmas than compared to the last couple of years.

Our Comments

December seems to be a very fruitful for Apple which stands at gaining from yet another superb Christmas period. The iPhone and the iPod Touch will ensure that Apple not only gets money from the sale of the items themselves but also from the sale of apps and accessories.

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