Twitter Releases Contributors, Its First Business App

Micro-blogging giant Twitter has initiated the trial process of its very first business app which is specifically designed to cater to corporate users.

The social networking service posted the specifications of the new app in post that was published yesterday on the company's official blog.

The app, christened as “Contributors", will enable its users to have a more authentic conversation by allowing the companies to control several contributors with their accounts.

The app incorporates the username of the contributor in the Tweet by-line and enables the user to have a more personalised conversation while being a part of a business identity.

For example, a Wall Street Journal tweet that has been posted by a member of the editorial team would appear to come from WSJ’s Twitter account but will contain a by-line beneath the tweet with the username of the specific author of the Tweet.

The website, which allows its members to send 140-character long messages or tweets, was earlier ranked the world’s most visited site and has been the platform for various web campaigns which ranged from education, legal proceeding, emergencies and many more.

It seems that Twitter is aware of the fact that simple features offered on its website have allowed businesses to promote and market themselves and therefore it has attempted to develop a business specific app that will cater to needs of businesses that use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Our Comments

Twitter is now a force to be reckon with despite the fact that it has yet to turn out its first million dollar worth of revenue. This shouldn't however distract observers from the fact that it is amongst the most visited websites on the internet.

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