Citrix Launches Disaster Recovery Application Based On Hyper-V

Citrix, the US-based software manufacturer, has rolled out a brand new disaster recovery software which is based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation technology and will facilitate a simplified and speedy data recovery process.

The company, which specialises in manufacturing virtualisation and remote access software, has released version 5.5 of its Citrix Essentials for Microsoft Hyper-V.

It contains a suit of apps which is designed to help the user to manage virtual containers which are created by the Hyper-V virtualisation software.

The new recovery tool which is called Citrix StorageLink Site Recovery is a new addition to the Citrix essential suit and offers a single console for creating secondary off-site instances of virtualized operating environments.

The software is also equipped with tools which allow the user to monitor the recovery process. The company is promoting the software citing the fact that it is directly integrated with the Hyper-V platform making it easy to use.

Biki Malik, senior director of product management at Citrix, said that StorageLink stands apart from the existing recovery tools as it is less complicated than the other.

He added that the software allows the user to handle and monitor several aspects of the recovery process like site designations or storage replication from a single user interface. The company has also made a deal with Microsoft, which will market the product as a component of its system centre.

Our Comments

Citrix is quietly rehauling its own portfolio to take on VMWare. The fact that it has enlisted Microsoft to help it is slightly surprising given that both companies have been rivals in the past (and still are). But then VMWare is the one which is currently the biggest threat to both yet.

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