Google Trademarks Nexus One Term, Prepares January 2010 Launch

Google has filed to trademark the term "Nexus one" even if it doesn't own the domain name; the paperwork for the term was filed on the 10th of December although one could also argue that it could just be a decoy and that Google won't market the phone as the Nexus One.

In addition, Reuters is reporting that the first Google smartphone will be available for launch on the search giant's website from as early as the first week of January - that's in three weeks - and would make of it the first consumer device sold by the giant.

The phone is expected to be an unlocked version, launched at the forthcoming CES 2010 in Las Vegas with T-Mobile being enlisted as its initial network partner and is likely to be available even outside the US, although this has yet to be confirmed.

We've already covered the things we know about the phone (8 Things To Know About The Google Nexus One Smartphone) and unearthed a few more things about it here.

The phone, manufactured by HTC has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, paving the way for a smooth roll out. Some sites are also saying that the Nexus one will come with an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and light sensor.

The New York Times is also reporting that the estate of Philip K. Dick, which owns the rights to the Blade Runner Sci-Fi novel, where the name Nexus One appeared, was "shocked and dismayed" that Google hadn't contacted them and asked them permission beforehand to use the name.

Our Comments

Google already sells a number of search appliances aimed at high end/corporate customers and the Nexus One would be its first venture in the world of consumer hardware and one which could make or break Google's dreams of challenging the iPhone in the medium term.

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