McKinnon Supporters Appeal To The Queen In Last-Ditch Effort

Supporters of Gary McKinnon, the Glasgow-born hacker who is accused of hacking into US military networks in 2001, after protesting outside the Home Office, have delivered a letter to the Buckingham Palace which is directly addressed to the Queen of England.

They told told her Majesty how the Royal prerogative has been used to hide the controversial extradition treaty which the British government had signed with US government from the parliament. The letter claims that the same treaty was being used to extradite Gary who is a British citizen.

The self-confessed hacker’s mother, Janis Sharp, talking to Computer Weekly said that the queen of England had not knowingly ‘sold out’ one of her country’s citizen. She has appealed directly to the queen to stop the extradition process of Gary McKinnon whose health is deteriorating day by day.

Interestingly, the letter was a part of the massive Save Gary Campaign that is ensuing all over the country in support of the hacker who has been fighting a legal battle for his freedom since the past eight years.

The hacker had confessed that he hacked into the US military network but he wants to be tried in the UK due his poor health condition and the belief that he will not get a fair trial in the US.

Our Comments

Recently, the lawyers of Gary McKinnon had filed a case with the high court to review Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s decision to allow the extradition of Gary McKinnon. The Queen has never wade into such a debate in the past and is unlikely to give her approval or support for such a cause.

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(Computer Weekly)