Microsoft Releases Bing iPhone App

Microsoft has rolled out the much awaited Bing search engine application for iPhone and iPod Touch which was earlier available only on Windows mobile and Blackberry devices.

The app, which is available free of cost from the Apple app store, comes with an upgraded version of Bing’s voice search and location built services.

The new app from the software giant will allow the users to exploit its voice based search for map locations as well as execute normal search queries with ease.

On its location-based search, Microsoft wrote on its blog that the app will be able to pin-point nearby restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops and other places of preference by category and will even provide walking or driving directions to the place.

Another vital feature which the blog cared to point out was the smooth mapping action of the maps feature which allows the users to effortlessly swipe through every step of the directions along with using fast zoom and pan options.

The home screen of the Bing iPhone app will display a new ‘image of the day’ everyday and will also include six clickable tabs that will navigate the users to images, movies, maps, businesses, news and directions hotspots.

Our Comments

Now, it is likely that Microsoft releases it for Bing sooner or later. The software giant has decided to adopt a more neutral approach in a bid to get more users to use the search engine. Microsoft better put the search engine on as many devices, portable or not, as possible.

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