One In Seven US Teenagers Received "Sexts"

In what could serve as an alarming signal to US parents, a recent survey has revealed that around fifteen percent of the US teenagers, aged between 12 and 17 and own mobile phones, have received sexually suggestive or nude images of some familiar person.

Referred to as “sexting”, which involves texting sexually explicit content, such as nude or almost nude images, to others, the phenomenon is on the rise among the US teenagers in past couple of years or so, according to a survey from the Pew Research Centre.

The survey has further suggested that around four percent of the teens between the age bracket 12 and 17 have sent their nude images to others using cellphones.

The study, which carried out from June to September and involved as many as 800 US teens, is a part of the wider project, dubbed as “Internet and American Life”, aimed at assessing the impact of the internet on the US society.

The phenomenon is more widespread in the 17-year-old age bracket, as eight percent of the teens in the age group have admitted to sending sexually explicit content to someone else, while 30 percent claimed to have received these images.

Commenting upon the findings, Amanda Lenhart, the author of the report, said: “The desire for risk-taking and sexual exploration during the teenage years combined with a constant connection via mobile devices creates a 'perfect storm' for sexting.”

Our Comments

New technologies have made it much more easier to carry out these activities. Social networking websites and Instant Messaging have made it less of a chore for some to bully other people even if they are found thousands of miles away.

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