SHOP4APPS Is Motorola's New Android App Marketplace

Motorola, the US-based mobile phone manufacturer, has set in motion plans to roll out its very own app store for its range of Android mobile phones in an attempt to tap into the lucrative mobile app market by providing quality applications for its smartphones.

The site, called SHOP4APPS, has been reported by Android and Me which claims to have spotted the app store by using the ‘powers’ of Google search engine.

However, the web-based app store has been reported to be still under construction and can be browsed through a PC browser or Android browser.

The blog has posted screenshots of the upcoming app store and it seems that the store will provide apps in free and paid categories.

The app store will also have a section named ‘My Locker’ which will enable the users to access download history to view previously downloaded apps.

Android and Me has also revealed that a free MotoAppstore client will be available for as a free download which will allow users to effortlessly download and install applications.

The store will also allow its users to download apps from their desktops and list them on My Locker and then download it on to their handsets. My Locker will also allow users to re-download and transfer the apps to a new handset.

Our Comments

There is a definitive trend that's currently happening. Phone manufacturers and mobile phone networks are all trying to get their own version of application database stores up and running, in a bid to mimic Apple's success with the App Store. Needless to say that they have a mountain to climb.

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