Stephen Covey Pens Exclusive Ebook Deal With Amazon

Renowned business author Steven Covey has penned a landmark deal with, giving online retailing giant exclusive selling rights over his many e-books for at least a year.

The retailing website has announced that the author’s most popular work, “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”, along with ‘Principle-Centred Leadership’ is available at $7.99 each exclusively on its Kindle e-book store.

A FranklinCovey Co. Spokeswoman, representing Covey, informed that the exclusive e-book deal with Amazon is for a year, but the arrangement could be extended.

Quoting the same, she said, “I'm sure we'll be successful [with Amazon], and could continue”. She further suggested that a new book, ‘Great Work, Great Career’, co-authored by Covey, will also be offered exclusively through Amazon’s platform.

Ever since the e-book industry has gained a notable momentum with the emergence of devices like Kindle and Sony E-book Reader, big publishing houses were concerned that prominent authors and online retailers may strike direct partnerships, and their concerns have eventually become a reality with such an arrangement between Amazon and Covey.

The move could set a new trend that include exclusive deals between authors and e-book retailers, and thereby could end up in shattering the idea that every book must be available to all the readers.

Our Comments

This is pretty big; Covey handing to Amazon its first deal as a publishing company, albeit a virtual one. It is likely to miff traditional publishing houses; but then, Covey can rest assured that they will not challenge or boycott him because of his global popularity.

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