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Susan Boyle Is Most Watched Youtube Clip In 2009

A video of the first audition of Susan Boyle, the lady who was discovered during the Britain's Got Talent show last year, has been named the most watched clip on video website Youtube.

It managed to pull more than 120 million viewers worldwide according to Youtube's official data making it by far the most popular video in 2009. By comparison, the next four most popular videos only managed to pull in around 129 million views altogether.

Youtube said that this seven minutes video (opens in new tab) from Britainssotalented, posted in April 2009 managed to attract more than 360,000 five-star ratings in the eight months it has been online.

What Google failed to say was that the other videos of Ms Boyle, including one which managed to pull several millions videos. There are around 11,500 videos currently posted on Youtube that carry the tag "Susan Boyle".

Another interesting statistics, on average six viewers watched the video every second ever since it was posted eight months ago. However, she didn't managed to make it to the top of the most popular videos in the UK.

Evian Roller babies with nearly 14 million views managed that feat. It is the first time that Youtube, which is apparently mulling to introduce paid for subscriptions for some content, has released data pertaining to the number of viewers that's visit its most popular videos.

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According to Alexa, Youtube is the fourth most visited websites in the world, behind Yahoo, Facebook and Google. Youtube however has cost Google more than four billion dollars ever since it was acquired back in 2005. It has yet to generate enough revenues to pull the video website in the black.

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