Virgin get social

Virgin Media become the latest provider to attempt to lasso all your social networking needs and coral them within its own brand application, according to Mobile News. Get Social is their new product, and it follows follows the same approach as Vodafone’s heavily advertised 360 service by collecting community information in one place. Get Social wrangles from Twitter, facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and

The service is launching on two Nokia (5800 and 5530), and two Sony Ericsson (W595 and K770i) handsets to start, with more to follow in the New Year.

Social networkers bounce around to find a home, but once established they develop an extremely strong brand attachment. Handset makers and networks alike all want a piece of this action, so will claim to integrate feeds ‘easily’. Its a great plan, but can come with headaches - Synching contacts from rival applications felt just that bit too fiddly for me on 360, so I hope Virgin will make it easier.

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