Behold The £299,995 Nintendo Wii Golden Console

An artisan, by the name of Stuart Hughes, has created a unique specimen on the Nintendo Wii Supreme, a console that's made of gold; 2.5 kilograms or slightly more than five pounds worth of the precious metals.

Mr Hughes says that producing one of those babies take more than six months which explains why only three of these will ever be made. Other than the gold, 78 flawless diamonds - worth 19.5 carat in total - will be encrusted in the body of the console.

Given that the price of gold is currently hovering at around £22,000 per Kilo, it means that the raw material excluding the diamond must have cost around £55,000 in all with the Nintendo Wii costing £150 approximately. Which means that each Nintendo Wii Supreme sold must generate around £200,000 worth of profit.

The goldsmith said that "The Wii is a 'must have' Christmas present all over the world and for those who can afford it the Wii Supreme is the ultimate example. If diamonds are done cheaply they appeal to the hip-hop brigade, but if they are done tastefully then they are very classy and distinctive."

Also on sale from the same Mr Hughes, who is a Liverpudian, is a Diamond Nokia Royal, the world's most expensive phone, the iPhone 3GS Supreme and the world's most expensive music player, the iPod Touch Supreme.

For those who do not have so much capital to expose, they can get the £3995 Blackberry Bold with encrusted diamonds, uniquely designed and crafted by the man himself.

Our Comments

The first Nintendo Wii Supreme has apparently been sold to a businessman from Australia. Recession, what recession? One might ask whether it wouldn't be easier for that Australian guy to buy the gold and get someone to build the console for him at home; might save himself a few hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.

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