Google Fast Flip Brings In 55 More News Publishers

Goggle, the California-based search engine giant has announced the addition of articles from another two dozen publishers that account for 50 newspapers, magazines, web outlets, news wires and TV and radio broadcasters to Fast Flip, a Google Labs experiment that allows users to quickly ‘flip’ through online news stories.

The new additions include articles from newspapers like Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune along with UK national newspapers Telegraph, The Independent and The Express.

The announcement was made via blog post which also named the Huffington Post and Reuters as some of the new contributing newspapers along with Venture Beat, a popular news blog that covers articles ranging from environment and games to mobile and computer technology.

The purpose behind Fast Flip, which was first introduced in September, is to integrate the smoothness and speed of magazine reading with the abundant sources which can be found on the internet. Being still in an experimental stage, Fast Flip as of now has a catalogue of around 90 publications including the ones that were added recently.

Interestingly, if a user performs article search for, let’s say, Climate Change, then instead of headlines, screenshots of relevant articles will be made available to the user.

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Fast Flip has also been made available in a mobile version which will allow Google Android and iPhone users to flip through articles effortlessly. Now that's interesting because it means that Fast Flip will be available for tablets as well, possibly including Apple's Tablet.

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