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HP Debuts Cloud Computing Solutions For Telcos

HP seems all set to tap into the soaring inclination of enterprises towards cloud computing, as the leading computer manufacturer has come up with three new software offerings tailored to help businesses harbour huge benefits from cloud computing.

The company has announced the trio of new software offerings at Software Universe in Hamburg, Germany; these could assist businesses, particularly telcos, ISPs, and mobile services providers, reaping the benefits of cloud without major security risks and at comparatively low costs.

Of the three products, HP Operations Orchestration is the one that lets the enterprises to automate IT-related services provisioning with minimal fuss.

This further paves the way for the businesses to enhance capacity through integration with entities like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Along with this, the computer maker has also dished a cloud program, codenamed as “HP Communication as a Service (CaaS)”, to help service provider to provide small and medium enterprises with services on an outsourced basis.

HP Caas comprises of an aggregation platform, coupled with other four in-built communications services, and the feature to offer other catch up services.

The third one in the line is ‘HP Cloud Assure for Cost Control’, which is tailored to assist companies to optimise cloud pricing and garner predictability in setting up budgets by making sure that they optimise their computing footprints.

Our Comments

Arguably, telecommunication companies will benefit the most from cloud computing tools as they roll out connected services for their customers as value added addons. Cloud computing is here to stay, the only unknown is how fast it can spread to the rest of the industry.

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