IBM Snaps BPM Specialist Lombardi

IBM has taken over the privately held Business Process Management (BPM) software vendor Lombardi, which supplies software for department level management, in an attempt to tap potential customers who might later go for enterprise deployments. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed to the media.

BPM software essentially allows businesses to automate processes on a departmental level with an eye on making them more cost efficient. The processes involve product planning, insurance application, supply chain execution and human resources.

Lombardi’s software portfolio includes its Teamworks software for human-centric process execution and its Blueprint software which ensures collaborative process modeling.

The software vendor specialises in developing software which is used specifically at departmental level in verticals life insurance, banking and health care to name a few.

However, the takeover has raised some issues about what kind of benefits and services would be made available to the existing customers of Lombardi with expert analysts pointing out that ‘there is 100 percent product overlapping’ between the two companies.

Lombardi president Phil Gilbert commenting on the deal said that the acquisition by IBM will enable Lombardi to expand its operations to large organisations.

Our Comments

The rate at which IBM is currently acquiring companies is frightening and as mentioned before, it seems that Big Blue is snapping firms ahead of competitors. The fact that the recession is still a reality means that there are bargains to be had for discerning senior managers at IBM.

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