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Mobile Internet To Be Bigger Than Desktop Internet By 2014

Morgan Stanley, the global financial services company, has revealed a new study report which predicts that mobile internet is gaining popularity over its desktop counterpart and more users will go online using mobile phones than desktop PCs within the next five years.

The report, titled "The Mobile Internet Report," states that mobile internet, now in its “early innings”, is evolving faster than any other technological cycle ever seen including the development cycle of desktop PCs.

The document also points out that smartphone evolution is contributing directly to the growth and popularity of mobile internet. The expanding smartphone popularity is one of the 5 trends that are boosting the use of mobile internet, others being 3G broadband technology, online video, social networking websites and VOIP services like Skype and Vonage.

Morgan Stanley also added that Apple Inc will continue to enjoy its current market share over which will ‘bloom’ for another two years, but after that Google Android and various other emerging competitors will pose serious threat to the company’s dominant status which it has acquired from its iPhone, iPod Touch and iTunes offerings.

However, these predictions are expected to come true after witnessing the sudden rise of smartphone which has come a long way since the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007.

Our Comments

A host of new mobile devices such as internet friendly tablets and e-readers like Amazon Kindle along with the ever growing smartphone technology will surely take mobile internet to a whole new level.

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