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Nokia N900 Lands At Carphone Warehouse On Boxing Day

Carphone Warehouse will sell the Nokia N900 Tablet phone as from the 26th of December 2009, a few days ahead of mobile phone network Vodafone which is now expected to stock it from the 7th of January.

Customers can already preorder it on Carphone Warehouse's website where it is currently on backorder. It is not known why Carphone Warehouse will be able to sell the smartphone before Vodafone itself.

The cheapest deal at Carphone Warehouse is a £40 that comes with 900 minutes, anytime, any network, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes to landlines plus 500MB downloads - it is a 24 month contract (opens in new tab).

Online retailer Handtec (opens in new tab) sells it SIM Free for as little as £434.69, that's less than half what you can expect to pay for the latest iPhone 3GS.

The phone - which we consider to be significantly better than both the N97 and the N97 Mini - has been delayed a number of times in the past and was originally supposed supposed to be launched in October.

The N900 is Nokia's first Maemo 5 smartphone and comes with a 3.5-inch capacitive 800x480 pixels touchscreen, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 1GB RAM, 32GB onboard storage (with an additional 16GB through a microSD card) and a 5-megapixel camera.

As a reminder, the iPhone will also be launched on Vodafone, possibly in January as well and the mobile operator did can the HTC HD2 apparently to make way for Apple's phone (and others).

Our Comments

The N900 is certainly one of the phones we're looking forward to in 2010. Will Nokia launch another successor to the N900 to compete with the raft of Android phones that will flood the market in the first half of 2010? Already Acer and HTC have promised that between them, they will launch up to 12 handsets based on Google's platform.

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