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Susan Boyle & Britain's Got Talent: Youtube Big Hitters

Scotland's favourite female talent, Susan Boyle, has had a superb year in 2009 on Youtube with more than 120 million views but she is still lagging behind other even more popular videos.

"Charlie bit my finger - again ! (opens in new tab)", a 56 seconds video showing a boy and his younger brother biting his finger, has received nearly 141 million views - that's equivalent to the number of people living in the 10th most populous country on Earth, Russia - with more than 358,000 ratings and a staggering 267,000 comments. The video though was released back in 2007.

Then there's the evolution of dance (opens in new tab), a six minute movie from the Judson Laipply, which pulled a staggering 132 million views.

Britain's Got Talent managed to get a significant amount of coverage as well. Other than Susan Boyle's 120 million views, Paul Potts, the previous winner managed to get a respectable 81 million views, with Connie Talbot, another contestant, gathering more than 30 million views, dance group Flawless hitting 15.5 million and father/son duo Stavros Flatly reaching 12.5 million.

And it doesn't come as a surprise that BritainsSoTalented has managed to become Youtube's second most visited channels in the UK with the 122 videos posted attracting a staggering 267.5 million viewers and puts it in front of the BBC.

Worldwide though, that another level; Youtube and Universal have partnered over Vevo - which Wired described as "a collaboration between Universal Music Group and Google the partners expect to be the leading music video service in the world from day one".

The Vevo Channel has indeed become the world's biggest and managed to pull a staggering 12.5 billion views. That's 15 times more than Sony BMG.

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When it comes to who produces the most video on Youtube, one name stands out, Expertvillage, owned by Demand Media. This channel has generated a massive 139,000 videos each generating around 6,600 views, making it the 3rd most viewed channel globally

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