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Twitter Unveils Top Trending Topics In 2009

The micro blogging giant Twitter has come out its list of top trending topics of 2009 to reveal what the world was tweeting about this whole year.

The list revealed that the hashtag Music Monday which is used by Twitter users to share what they were listening to as they kick off the first day week has topped the list of trending topic closely followed by the tweets about the Iran elections.

However, the social networking site, instead of revealing the complete breakdown of the list provided lists of most popular tweet topics based on several categories including news, movies, people, television shows, technology and hashtags.

Iran elections were the most tweeted news event on Twitter in 2009 followed by the Swine Flu epidemic on the second place while the Palestinian city of Gaza bagged the third spot.

Interestingly, Google Wave topped the list of tweets about technology whereas Snow Leopard and Windows 7, the recently launched operating systems from Apple and Microsoft respectively saw a fair stint on Twitter.

The Pre from Palm was the only smartphone that made the list despite the company's precarious position in the sector, and there was no sign of the iPhone for some reason.

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, became the most tweeted celebrity on the website following his untimely death which sent shock waves through out the world.

Our Comments

It is interesting to see that Amazonfail was one of the top 10 terms in technology, which shows how powerful Twitter can be as a way to spread dissent and make yourself heard when there is an issue. Another point of interest is the fact that no less than three events, Macworlds, E3 and CES were in the top 10 list.

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