UK digitally elite…

Ofcom this week provided a snapshot of digital take up in 12 major economies, plus the rapidly expanding markets of Brazil, India, Russia and China. It ranks UK customers as third in the world for time spent chatting on the phone and second for texting.

Headline mobile figures that are really useful for us include the facts that UK customers made, on average, 152 minutes of outbound calls and sent only 93 texts. When you remember these are averages and many consumers will be using much less, why are so many unlimited texting offers glutting the market? Could it be they sound great and cost virtually nothing for operators to provide? American consumers text more than anyone else, but still only average out at 264 per month.

A lot of the ‘digital’ in the report is all about TV switchover from analogue, which has been very high in the UK so coach-potato elite status is fair to claim. More important to us is the mixed situation regarding broadband products. The good news is that fierce competition continues to mean the UK has the lowest prices for mobile broadband, of all comparable countries. More concerning is the fact that only 10% of fixed line services will run at 8Mbits/second or faster. This lags behind Germany, France, Sweden and The Netherlands.

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