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Viewsonic Rolls Out CULV Ultra Portable Notebooks

Viewsonic, a company which is mostly known for its monitors, is continuing to expand its family of computers and has introduced a new range of notebooks in the UK called the ViewBook.

The US-based display firm already has a Netbook, the VNB100 which costs £230 from Expansys (opens in new tab) and shares the same features as the dozens of other netbooks already on the market, many having a much smaller price tag.

The Viewbooks, named aptly 120, 130 and 140, offer 12.1-inch, 13.3-inch and 14-inch LED screens - there's also a 13.3-inch Pro model ; they all come with Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel ULV or Pentium Duo processors.

Viewsonic claims that the battery life of its laptops will last up to 12 hours and has even introduced a hotswap capability that will allow you to install a second battery without leaving the laptop go dead (you need to take out the DVD drive first though).

Other interesting features integrated in the Viewbook range are multi-touch trackpad, an increasingly popular capability, together with HDMI port, webcam and a slim line form factor with a design that has a passing ressemblance with the Macbook Pro.

The cheapest Viewbook will cost £469 while the fully loaded top end version costs up to £699. Viewsonic joins a very, very crowded segment and unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't do enough to get its model standing out.

Our Comments

The Viewbook is too bland, too similar to others to be able to make a difference. It is unfortunately what you can expect from a company like Viewsonic which like many others doesn't have a say on the fundamental manufacturing aspects of their products (except the monitors) and rely instead on the OEMs/ODMs.

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