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Virgin Digital Help Rolled Out To Resolve Tech Issues

The Virgin Group has come up with a new company to assist the UK consumers with a flurry of technical glitches, such as sudden PC crashing, game console showing incompatibility with other gear, connectivity issues with wireless network set ups, to mention a few that people face in their day to day life.

The new arm (opens in new tab), dubbed as "Virgin Digital Help", which is the group’s first UK consumer company in three years, has been created in conjunction with outsourcing firm Sutherland Global Services.

The company has been set up to provide clueless users with free self-help user guide on bevy of issues, like ‘speed up’ to let the PC work faster, as well as ‘get connected’ to set up connections to wireless networks and printers.

It serves users with a “Desktop Digital Helper”, denoted as a free digital toolkit, which is actually a software bundle that comprises of 100 self-help guides along with AVG 9.0.

In addition to these free services, the company also offers a broad array of automated patches for £2.99 a month, with custom services could go up to £90 for a home visit.

Touting the launch of a new company, Joe Steel, head of Virgin Digital Help and cofounder of Virgin Mobile, said: “We have launched Virgin Digital Help to get Britain’s digital stuff to work. Now you don’t have to get mad, you can just get help.”

Our Comments

The outfit will go head to head against the likes of Comet on Call, the Geeksquad from Carphone Warehouse and DSGi's Techguys. Virgin is entering the market knowing that it has a user base of several million users it can tap into almost immediately. It will be interesting to see whether BT will enter that market as well as its two immediate competitors have done so.

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