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Apple's iPhone Cruises Past Windows Mobile In US Smartphone Market

A recent comScore survey has revealed that Apple’s iPhone has rocketed past Microsoft’s Windows Mobile in terms of market share and has landed on the number 2 slot behind mobile device giant, Research in Motion.

The results of the survey, which were released on Thursday, reported that for the first time ever, Apple had gained ground over Microsoft in terms of smartphone market share.

8.9 million users included of the comScore survey reported using Apple iPhone in October whereas 7.1 million were found to be using Microsoft Windows Mobile in the same month.

However, Research in Motion smartphones have the highest number of users, according to the survey which placed the number at around 14.9 million in October.

The market share of Palm Inc. too has increased from 2.3 million users to 2.8 million in 2009 which is surprising because the company reported a 59 percent revenue decline in its 2nd quarter report.

Apple's iPhone saw a market share of 5.7 million users in May which rose to 6.6 million in July before finally reaching the all time high of 8.9 million users in October.

Microsoft Windows Mobile on the other hand, after enjoying a market share of 7 million users in May dropped to 6.6 million users in July before rising to 7.1 million in October. Google’s Android OS handsets on the other hand rose to a high of 1 million users in the month of October.

Our Comments

The iPhone is surging ahead, which is not surprising given the amount of goodwill the platform has and the positive aura it has acquired over the last decade. Apple iPhone’s market share had been constantly on the rise due to the increasing popularity of the phone as well as the iTunes store.

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