Commercial 4G out now

This week Scandinavian giant TeliaSonera launched the worlds first publicly available 4G in Norway and Sweden. For now, capital dwellers in Oslo and Stockholm have to manually swap Samsung dongles to switch up to 4G, but TS are promising free upgrades to early adopters when dual devices come out.

Ericsson is supplying the infrastructure in Stockholm, while China-based Huawei does the job in Oslo. Finland (original home of the Sonera bit) will get the next 4G boost in 2010, for a pilot group of customers.

It’s no coincidence that mobile chip maker ST Ericsson demoed 3G/4G compatible kit this week, but it will probably take a couple of months for somebody to fully adopt it and to start selling multimode dongles.

Theoretical speeds of up to 100Mbps are possible with this implementation of 4G and running at least ten times faster than current 3G should be comfortable reality. Benchmark testing over the week from Engadget showed the Ericsson version in Stockholm to be running at about 40Mbps for downloading and 5Mbps when uploading.

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