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Decision Makers Pushing For Green Data Centers

A recent report by Frost & Sullivan has revealed that economic recession has forced IT companies to switch to Green Data centers technologies which include cloud computing, virtualisation and other power management techniques that enhance energy efficiency thereby resulting in a significant amount of cost cuts.

The analysts at Forest and Sullivan, a business research and consulting firm, said that emerging trends are indicating that due to high energy bills, companies are drifting toward adopting energy saving technologies that help in significantly reducing energy consumption of their IT infrastructures.

Technical Insights Research Analyst Achyuthanandan S. said that IT infrastructure of an organisation consumes 5 to 10 percent of the total energy that is required for running a company.

The report, titled ‘Green Data Centers-Emerging Trends and Developments’ explained that adoption of energy saving technologies presented with 3 major advantages which includes allowing companies to cut costs and reap benefits by reducing energy consumption in data centers, low cooling requirements and reduced numbers of servers that are necessary for IT operations via use of Virtualisation.

However, the report also mentioned that even though adopting green data centers resulted in cost cuts in the long run, the costs associated with using green data centers were high.

Our Comments

The cost of energy is going to soar in the next few years as demand from China and other BRIC countries outstrip supply. Until we finally manage to get an unlimited supply of cheap energy, engineers will continue to vie for products that consume less power, thereby costing less.

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