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EPIC Approaches FTC Over Facebook Privacy Complaint

A high-profile electronic privacy group has filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the way Facebook moulded its privacy settings of late.

The Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC), along with the Centre for Digital Democracy and eight other organisations, has accused Facebook of breaching the US consumer protection law, and hence called on the US FCC to direct the company to withdraw the recent changes it introduced in privacy controls.

As per the privacy changes rolled out a few days back, all of Facebook’s 350 million users have been asked to modify their privacy settings using a new software tool to have better control over their profile and specify the users who can view the content uploaded on it.

Incidentally, in case the privacy settings remain untouched, the content uploaded on the profile would be available to a wider public view, which would make it much more easier to search (and find).

Earlier, the system let users to make their content available only to their friends and users in the similar networks, but the recent changes have allegedly turned the system into comparatively less private.

Expressing his disappointment with the new changes, Marc Rotenberg, director at EPIC, said: “More than 100 million people in the United States subscribe to the Facebook service. The company should not be allowed to turn down the privacy dial on so many American consumers.”

Our Comments

Did Facebook open itself up for a potential string of lawsuits? Onliy time will tell. We do not have any issues with the fact that it ASKED its members first before rolling out any changes; still questions have to be asked as to whether it is adopting these changes now.

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