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IBM Improves Rational Product Portfolio

IBM, the global computer, technology and IT solutions giant has dished out fresh updates for developers and system engineers to help them incorporate different business programs into its Rational platform.

The company has rolled out several updates including those for IBM Rational Systems Architect, Rhapsody and DOORS Web Access apart from integrating IBM Rational Software Architect with Websphere to ensure better productivity.

IBM Rational Systems Architect Version 11.3.1, which allows users to visualise and analyse the IT structure and processes of an organisation, now enjoys a two-way integration with Rational Focal Point which studies and analyses product and portfolio management for project managers.

Rational Systems Architect has also been updated to support the Open Group Architecture Framework version 9 (TOGAF 9) which is the industry standard for deployment of enterprise architecture.

Apart from generating traceability links and viewing requirement changes, the IBM DOORS Web Access version 1.3 has also been updated with a requirement editing feature that will allow additional members to contribute their requirements.

The integration of IBM Rational Software Architect with Websphere will allow developers who have little or no service oriented architecture (SOA) experience develop SOA solutions and use them to connect and support distributed smart devices.

Our Comments

Interestingly, the updated IBM Rational Rhapsody has features to allow development team and quality assurance teams to seamlessly share and manage requirements and test information. Overall, an expected move by Big Blue which squarely puts it in an excellent position to fend off its rivals.

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