Orange Launches "Free" Relaxation Line Service

Orange, one of UK’s biggest telecom and broadband services provider has rolled out a ‘Relaxation Line’ which will allow mobile phone users to listen to soothing sound effects by just dialing a number. The service is free for Orange customers whereas others will have to pay at the standard rate.

The innovative service has been offered to the masses with the intention to help the callers relax and de-stress by the means of soothing sound effects that they will be able to hear when they call the number.

Interestingly, when callers dial the number, they will be able to select from five soothing sounds namely - the sea lapping on the shore, a roaring log fire, forest noises, birdsong and a traditional English village green.

Apparently, before deciding on sound effect catalogue, Orange conducted a survey which had revealed that 67 percent Britons find the sound of the sea lapping on the shore to be very relaxing. The company also took help from several behavioral therapists before taking a decision.

Explaining the rationale behind introducing the service French Telecom owned company mentioned that this particular time of year is very chaotic and stressful, therefore the ‘Relaxation Line’ has been introduced to help people relax by just dialing a number.

Orange customers can access the line by dialing 347 while other users have to dial 020 7050 6888.

Our Comments

Nice initiative although you have to listen to those on a crappy phone line or worst, on our mobile phone. Not only will your line be engaged but the overall experience is unlikely to be massively enjoyable. I wonder whether Orange will be serving the tracks as downloadable MP3 songs?

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