Orange Unveils Connected Britain Map

Orange, one of UK’s largest telecom and broadband service providers, has rolled out an interactive map of Britain which depicts which cities will see a shift in their population if everyone had a universal access to mobile and fixed line broadband connection.

The map, being hosted on Orange’s website, is based on the ‘Connected Britain’ survey which was done earlier by the telecom giant.

It is used to determine the places, within the country, which people of Britain were most likely to migrate if they had an universal access to fast and reliable internet, allowing them to stay connected from anywhere in the country.

Orange, which surveyed 3,250 people across the country, revealed that the south-west part of the country was likely to see a staggering 158 percent rise in its population by 2015.

Meanwhile, Scotland and London may witness a population surge of 58 percent and 40 percent respectively whereas headcount in Wales might rise by 5 percent.

However, the France Telecom-owned company reported that according to the survey, the North and the middle part of the country might register massive population drainage. The North-East part of the country could lose 35 percent of its population along with Yorkshire and Humber.

The population of East and West midlands might sink 70 percent and 81 percent respectively. Similarly, North West and South East parts will see a drain of 9.5 percent and 3 percent respectively.

Our Comments

Pretty extreme figures you will have to agree, one that, we're convinced, is very unlikely to happen simply because the most important aspect of moving property hasn't been explored. House prices depend on demand and supply and this can generate some pretty tricky situations.

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