Pete Cashmore Named UK's Most Influential Twitterer

While the microblogging phenomenon Twitter has apparently been inundated with swarms of users following celebrities’ profiles throughout the year, the coronation of a virtually less popular celebrity as the most influential Briton on Twitter came as quite a surprise for many.

According to the list of ‘most influential Twitter users, published by a UK mobile phone manufacturer INQ Mobile, Pete Cashmore, 24, has been named the king of Twitter with as many as 1.8 million followers on the website.

Cashmore, the Scottish publisher and editor of a popular technology news blog Mashable, has notched the top spot in the list, surpassing the popular comedian Stephen Fry, who is accredited with bulging Twitter’s profile with his slapstick and intriguing updates and banter with his celeb buddies.

He created the famous technology blog in the year 2005 from his parents’ home in Banchory, and now controls a business with offices all across the globe with a turnover of several million dollars.

The list was made by recognising five most popular Twitterers across various categories, and by allotting them with an influence evaluation out of 100.

Cashmore was at the top of the list with 81.0 influence rating, beating Stephen Fry who scored 76.8 on the scale and has 1.1 million followers on the website.

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Cashmore has managed to stick head to head with rivals Venturebeat and Techcrunch. The influence was gauged by considering a number of aspects like the total number of tweets and retweets, total count of mentions, and the number of times retweeted.

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