Barnes & Noble Giving $100 Gift Vouchers For Late Nook Delivery

Barnes and Noble, the creator of the Nook eBook reader, has announced that the company will issue $100 certificates to everyone who preordered the device in November but won’t be able to receive them on time for Christmas.

The much vaunted Nook, which is being poised as a potential Kindle killer, was rolled out in November and has been selling like hot cakes across the country since then.

The company, which has a catalogue of over a million books, has cited the immense popularity of the device to be the reason that would lead to some of its customers not receiving the device before Christmas and the excessive demand was outstripping the supply.

Barnes and Nobel also mentioned that most customers who pre-ordered the device will receive it before Christmas, however, those who don’t will be notified by an email which will contain an online gift certificate worth $100.

The company has been competing with Amazon to dominate the online book retail market and had launched Nook in order to further the rivalry between the two companies by offering the device with same price tag $259 which Amazon kindle carries.

The sophisticated eBook reader also comes with a smaller touch screen that ensures better navigation.

Our Comments

The Nook won't be available anytime soon outside the UK it seems which, to be fair, is slightly preposterous and something that shows a slight contempt for anything outside the frontiers of the US of A. That's a shame though, we'd be glad to get the Nook here.

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