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BT To Roll Out Superfast Broadband before 2012 Olympics

BT has announced that the company will roll out its super-fast internet connection service just in time for the Olympic Games which start from 27 July 2012.

The national project, the biggest of its kind in BT's history, was scheduled to be completed in March 2013 but the company said that due the current progress rate, the service will be launched ‘ahead of schedule’.

The internet connection service, which is based on a fiber-optic network connection, will allow British citizens to access internet at speeds up to 100mbps. However, it will be initially available to only 40 percent of the homes in various towns and cities in UK.

Ian Livingston, CEO of BT, said that around 4 million British homes will have access to BT’s super fast internet connection by the end of next year as the company is planning to offer the service to around 10 million British homes by the time the Olympics games start from 27th July.

Interestingly, the £1.5 billion fiber optic network will be able to support high definition video as well, a feature which is not being offered by its competitor Virgin Media which currently offers fiber optic based 50mbps internet connection with the possibility to bring it to 200mbps.

(ed: With entry level packages of 10Mbps, Virgin Media's fibre optic cable customers can watch HD video. Actually you don’t necessarily need fibre optic for high definition video anyway, just a decent connection with reliable speeds of around 2Mbps but that’s the problem with DSL)

Our Comments

Let's see how the competition - that includes mobile phone operators and Virgin Media - will react to the impending arrival of BT in the "very fast broadband" territory; one of the reasons why mobile broadband is doing so well is because fixed-line broadband is not as good as it could possibly be. But BT could well change that over the next few years.

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