Facebook Causing Divorce Numbers To Skyrocket

Social networking giant Facebook has been accused of being a cause of divorce in almost one in every five divorce petitions based on a study conducted by Divorce-Online, a law firm which specialises in divorce cases.

Several divorce lawyers have blamed the increasing popularity of social networking websites for tempting people to cheat with their partners.

It has also been found that several spouses have cited information pertaining to the cause of the divorce found on Facebook as evidence on their divorce petitions.

Managing Director of Divorce-Online, Mark Keenan said that "I was really surprised to see 20 per cent of all the petitions containing references to Facebook.”

He also added that “The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats with people they were not supposed to."

Meanwhile, several computer companies have made big money by selling software to suspecting spouses that allow them to monitor their partners’ online activities.

Facebook, the site with more than 350 million users, allows people to get in touch and stay connected with their friends far and near but now it seems that the platform is also being used by bored husbands and wives to track down lost loves or old flames to reunite with them once again.

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Facebook and in general everything that is connected to technology might be a major driving force behind the rising number of divorces in the country over the last few decades. Technology helps people maintain their anonymity, which in turn, allows people to shed their inhibitions and can have dire consequences.

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