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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Grabs Top Spot In Most Popular Browser Contest

Mozilla Firefox, the popular open source web browser, has emerged as the world’s most used browser, dominating the likes of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 which previously held the coveted title.

StatCounter, the web statistic company, has released data which indicates that version 3.5 of the popular web browser now dominates 29.9 percent of the global web browser market, hovering menacingly over the 21.2 percent market share of Internet Explorer 7.

However, taking into account all the previous offerings of the Internet Explorer line, the software giant’s web browser still has a market share of 55.4 per cent compared to the 32.1 percent share held by all versions of Firefox combined.

Internet Explorer versions 6 and 8 held a market share of 13.9 per cent and 20.9 per cent respectively, with Firefox being the leader in the European web browser arena with a share of 28.4 per cent whereas Internet Explorer 7 had to be content with 21.6 per cent market share.

Meanwhile, the figures revealed that IE8 still had the coveted dominance over the North American web browser market with a share of 25 per cent being closely followed by IE7’s 21.8 per cent and Firefox 3.5’s 21.7 percent.

Google’s Chrome web browser too was seen climbing up the global market share ladder by managing to get a 5.47 per cent share in the market, putting it in the third position.

Our Comments

This is a very important and symbolic day but cannot hide the fact that there is a real danger that Firefox could be facing in the form of Google Chrome; Google enjoys a rather peculiar relationship with Firefox because it is also the main benefactor of Mozilla Foundation.

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