MSI To Launch U130 & U135 Pine Trail Netbooks In January

Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has confirmed plans to launch two new netbooks in January 2010; the Wind U130 & U135 will be amongst a hundred or so new netbooks and nettop to feature Intel's just announce Pine Trail platform in 2010.

Both devices will come with the new Intel N450 silicon which manages to bring together an Atom processor, a graphics module and a memory controller. The netbooks will feature MSI's ECO engine technology that promises to offer tailor-made modes for various configurations.

Therefore, gaming, movies or presentations modes will offer various setups e.g. more or less brightness, more or less computing power etc. The U130 and the U135 will come with Windows 7 Starter, a 10-inch 1024x600 pixel screen, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi, a 6-cell battery and a 1.3-megapixel camera .

The more expensive U135 (costing £279 compared to £229 for the U130) comes with a 250GB hard disk drive instead of a 160GB model. It also has a touchpad that's 20 percent bigger than its little brother, a Chiclet keyboard and will be available in a larger array of colours.

Interestingly, MSI is reporting that the battery life of the new netbooks have increased by a substantial 15 percent and overall performance by a whopping 10 percent. It is not known whether the decrease in power consumption means the end of active fans on these machines.

Our Comments

We've heard that not all manufacturers will be using Windows 7 Starter; a number of them will be offering Intel's own Linux-based operating system, Moblin, in a particularly painful move for Microsoft. Does that mean that Microsoft could choose to launch ARM-compatible Windows 7

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