O2 Still Having Issues With Its Data Network

The outage suffered by O2, one of Britain’s top mobile network providers, has apparently hassled a number of iPhone users who complained that they have not been able to use their Apple iPhones properly for more than 48 hours.

The users were not able to access the internet, making several applications on the smartphone including those which allow them to shop, check training timings and stay updated via news, nonfunctional.

Users who tried to access their internet connections were greeted by a message stating "Could not activate cellular data network." much to their frustration.

Commenting on the network breakdown on Saturday, the company had claimed that the problem will be fixed by the end of Sunday. However, the issue continued to persist till Monday afternoon.

Although the company did not mention the number of affected users, considering the total number of O2 subscribers, the number is said to be in thousands.

An O2 spokesman said on Twitter that "We are aware of an issue currently impacting data access for some of our customers. We have identified a fault with the allocation of IP addresses and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, social networking web sites like Twitter and Facebook were overflowing with angry posts from some of the affected iPhone owners who have vented their ire over the service disruption.

Our Comments

It is yet another example of #O2fail something that was possibly not predictable. As of 1626 GMT, they're still reporting that MMS and Visual Voicemail are still affected. Let's see whether they will manage to sort this out by the end of today.

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