Psystar Denies Intention To Close Down

Responding to Dow Jones Newswire’s report about Psystar pulling the shutters down on its business after losing a 17-month long legal battle with Apple, a lawyer for the Mac clone maker has claimed that it has no intentions to pack up permanently.

Psystar’s attorney K.A.D Camara, from Texas-based law firm Camara & Sibley LLP, has confirmed that the rumours about Psystar’s looming closure were actually based on another lawyer’s misinterpreted responses to queries surrounding the company’s future, it has been reported.

Evidently, Dow Jones Newswire on last Thursday quoted the other lawyer Eugene Action as saying, “Psystar will not be doing business”, as well as the company was looking to “shutting the things down immediately”.

Camara dispelled the gathering clouds about the company’s imminent closure and sent an email to Computerworld in which he mentioned: “Regrettably, Mr. Action was misquoted in an early story that seems to have been picked up elsewhere. Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently”.

However, Camara didn’t elucidate the form of business Psystar would embrace in future, or when the beleaguered company was set to make a comeback on the web.

The recent claims from Camara have somewhat reinvigorated the Apple-Psystar chapter, which was being considered closed after Apple won a permanent injunction, and perhaps left the industry experts to fathom the shape Psystar would assume in the future.

Our Comments

If Psystar cannot do business as usual, then it is likely to look for an alternative business niche. They could change their business to one which sells x86-based computers that LOOK like Apple's computers. We'd love to see a decent manufacturer that doesn't mind copying the best of Apple.

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