Sony PSP-4000 Gaming Console Was A Typo

A spokesperson for the peripherals firm that placed an advert in games trade publication MCV listing the yet-to-be-announced Sony PSP-4000 portable gaming console has confirmed that it was nothing more than a typing mistake.

Angela Jones, the licence manager of Accessories4Gamers, confirmed to Negative Gamer that it was just a “mistake on our part” and that she didn't really know why that happened.

The ruckus started when A4G posted an advert for its LittleBigPlanet PSP starter pack that listed five different Sony PSP gaming consoles including that PSP-4000. Sony refused to say anything saying that they won't comment on rumour or speculation.

Still, there have been a number of smoke signals that appeared earlier this year pointing to a device that would bring back the UMD storage form factor combined with a PSP-Go format.

The PSP 3000 is still available for around for £140 while the PSP Lite and Slim go for £130; Sony's latest portable gaming console, the PSP Go which was launched back in July 2009 at E3, currently carries a £200 price tag and independent UK game retailers said that they were pretty downbeat back them on the chances of success of the PSP Go in the UK.

Our Comments

Ironically, a PSP-4000 could well be behind the doors and ready to launch depending on market conditions. Sony has yet to say what the sales figures for the PSP Go have been for 2009. The threat (and the success) of other mobile platforms like the iPod Touch means that Sony needs to take heed.

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