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Tesco, Vodafone, O2 and Orange : All UK iPhone Tariffs On One Page

It's been only 10 days since we've released the first version of our table containing all the iPhone tariffs currently offered by mobile phone operators in the UK, either officially or unofficially.

Since then, Vodafone has announced that it will be offering the iPhone from the 14th of January and many of our readers have submitted suggestions to improve the original design.

The first thing that we've done is change the way the total cost of ownership is displayed; we've swapped it for a clearer "overall price per month approach".

This is because the previous version did not fully reflect the fact that some contracts were 12 months long whilst others were twice as long and therefore unfairly represented.

Along the same lines, we've changed a couple of things about the way we present the 37 odd contracts from six different providers including showing all prices to two decimal points.

We have also changed the price of the iPhone initial outlay models for Vodafone, Three, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile since you can now buy an iPhone from O2 and unlock it outright without having to wait for these four networks to release their PAYG iPhone versions.

The overall analysis of the iPhone Pay monthly market shows that Orange now has the cheapest deal of the market, as far as price is concerned. You can get 150 minutes & 250 texts for £30 per month.

However, Vodafone doubles the number of minutes and offers unlimited texts for £2.46 extra per month while O2, with its original deal, offers four times the number of minutes for an additional £5 per month.

For those looking for a short contract time - especially handy if you plan to upgrade every year - Tesco is currently unbeatable at £38.50 per month over a year.

Click here for the bigger version of the table.

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