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Vodafone To Sell Apple iPhone From 14th January

Vodafone has announced that it will sell the three different versions of the iPhone from the 14th of January with a very competitive set of tariffs that could possibly wow existing O2 customers with first generation iPhones looking to potential upgrades.

The cheapest tariff with a free phone costs £35 per month and includes 600 minutes, unlimited text and WiFi as well as 1GB worth of Data transfer; both O2 and T-Mobile provide with unlimited data plans while Orange has an even more restrictive 750MB data transfer.

Upgrading to the 16GB or 32GB iPhone will cost £89 and £179 respectively (you can preorder your iPhone from Vodafone here (opens in new tab)); the cheapest Vodafone tariff currently carries a total cost of ownership of £720 over 18 months or £40 per month.

Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK's CEO, said that “We started preparing our network over a year ago so that iPhone customers will really feel the advantage of being with Vodafone”; he added that the company would be offering an outstanding iPhone experience regardless of where its customers live, work and travel.

Vodafone has also enlisted BT's Openzone as one strategic partner which will allow iPhone users to download up to 1GB worth of data. More than 20 dealers across the country, including the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U will be selling the iPhone for Vodafone.

The company has also targeted businesses with a set of tariffs that provide with free landline calls rather than free texts.

As expected, users will be able to use their iPhones as modems as tethering will be allowed with Vodafone charging up to £15 for 3GB worth of data transfer.

Our Comments

Getting late to the party - O2, Orange and Tesco having already launched their iPhones - does have one definitive advantage; being able to know exactly where your competitors are. Unfortunately, the main limitation might be that you are only given a 1GB broadband download quota.

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