BT Reaches Five Million UK Customers

One of Britain’s most prominent internet service providers, BT has announced that its customer base has reached the five million mark, becoming the first in its market to do so.

Elizabeth Patterson of East Kilbride located in Glasgow, became the fifth millionth user of the broadband giant on 9th December and was presented with a trip to the Winter Olympics by the company.

The telecommunication giant revealed that the company had managed to bag the final one million customers in just two years time and was working hard to reach the six million mark as soon as possible.

This momentous feat comes days after the company announced that it will be rolling out its 100 mbps fiber-optic based internet connection to customers before the 2012 summer Olympics which are being hosted by Britain.

The next generation broadband service was earlier scheduled to be launched in 2013.

The Managing Director of BT’s Consumer division, John Petter, said that “Broadband has the ability to transform people’s lives and the fact that we are still showing strong take-up when there are more than 14m ADSL broadband customers in the UK is testament to the unique benefits of being connected.”

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BT also mentioned that the upcoming Project Canvas which will be launched by the company in partnership with BBC, TalkTalk, ITV and Channel 4. It said that the company is looking to provide services like iPlayer and Amazon to TV on its broadband service.

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