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Ford Launches Car With WiFi & Built-In Hotspots

Ford has rolled out a new cutting-edge SYNC in-car information and entertainment system in its selected range of latest models that will turn the vehicle into moving Wi-Fi hotspots.

The system will deliver a slew of advanced communication and entertainment features, including real-time traffic info, audible texting, hands-free calling, along with Wi-Fi capability, on a yet undisclosed range of Ford vehicles.

The company said that it will start shipping second generation SYNC-equipped cars and trucks from sometime next year and it expects it to become a big draw amongst technology enthusiasts and busy professionals.

The advanced in-car system, through a USB mobile broadband modem, will set up a secure and safe wireless connection that would offer connectivity to bevy of Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The system won’t necessitate users to have any additional hardware, other than the modem or any sort of subscription.

Touting the benefits that the motorists would have with this recent addition, Mark Fields, the president at Ford Americas, said: “While you’re driving to grandma’s house, your spouse can be finishing the holiday shopping and the kids can be chatting with friends.”

He also added that customers will not have to pay any extra charges for either hardware or mobile subscriptions.

Our Comments

Now that's quite innovative, one can expect other manufacturers to follow suit. It is interesting to see that more and more vehicles are equipped with computers and sensors which supposedly improves the driving experiences but also overstretches the driver's reliance on electronics.

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