Google To Donate $20 Million To Charities

This Christmas, search engine behemoth Google will donate $20 million to several charities as a holiday gift for everyone instead of giving out holiday gifts to customers of its Adsense or Adwords advertising services.

Every year in December, Google Inc. gives cool Google merchandise to some of its Adsense and Adwords customers as a ‘thank you’ gift for using its advertising services.

However, this year, all Adsense and Adwords users received an email, which thanked them for their support and said that Google will be doing “something a little different this year”.

The link, redirected users to a page which announced that the company will be dishing out donations mounting to $20 million as it feels that “charities are experiencing their toughest year in decades.”

The page also contains a list of 25 charities that are to receive donations from the California based company including Feeding America, Prajwala, The Mango Tree and Ushahidi apart from Harlem Children’s Zone and Tzu Chi Foundation among others.

It is still not clear if the company will abandon its long tradition of giving out gifts to its customers but some believe that the all-profit organisation has set a good example for the rest of large money-making corporations by giving money to charities, who will appreciate this gift more than anyone.

Our Comments

Google shows that it goes even beyond the "don't do evil motto" that guides the company's everyday moves. $20 million is not a small sum and represents around 0.5 percent of Google's profits after tax for 2008.

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