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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 To Be Delayed

Microsoft Corp. has announced that the release candidate for its much-awaited Visual Studio 2010 as well as .Net Framework 4 software suites will be issued in early 2010, thereby holding up the official release of the software by a couple of weeks or so.

The software giant is seeking to extend the beta period of the software, which still has some performance issues to be addressed, according to a post on a MSDN blog published by S. Somasegar, Senior VP of Microsoft Developer Division.

The blog post noted that the software maker is extending the software’s beta period, followed by issuing a release candidate sometime in February 2010.

It further quoted that while the beta users of the software had given “a very positive feedback” on the capabilities of the software, and gave encouraging response with the “breadth of values” that were poised to be delivered with final release.

“At the same time, you have also given us feedback around performance issues, specifically in a few key scenarios including virtual memory usage. As you may have seen, we significantly improved performance between Beta 1 and Beta 2”, it added.

Although this delay could affect a few users keenly waiting to try their hands over the new iterations of the software, but it would presumably spruce up the users’ experience by sorting out the performance issues as put forth by a number of beta users.

Our Comments

Better safe than sorry; Microsoft needs to extend a great run that started with Internet Explorer 8 and continued with Windows 7. 2010 is going to be yet another exciting year for the software giant with Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and the first glimpses at Windows 7 Mobile and Internet Explorer 9.

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