£20 T-Mobile G2 Touch Black 300 Mins Ultd Texts Internet

Holy handsets Batman! The super G2 Touch is the successor to the G1 and it's slimmer, lighter and runs the new HTC Sense user interface. Kerrblatt!

The full touchscreen G2 let's you customise your home screen with your choice of personalised widgets and easily flick between different set-ups for work, weekends, travel and play.

All your friends' texts, emails, tweets, flikr photos and facebook updates are right there at hand, and neatly organised in to the people they are from. If that doesn't make it easy enough, there is a dedicated button to search for anything from anywhere.

The powerful 528MHz processor means the Android OS based interface works as slickly as it looks, and Internet access is fast too with 7.2Mbps HSDPA download speeds and Wi-Fi (b/g) built in.

Plus the browser now supports pinch-zooming to make navigation easier and Adobe Flash is now supported.

MicroSD is the memory card of choice for storing photos, music and video, and with a 5MP camera, A-GPS receiver, A2DP Bluetooth it has all the usual trimmings.

This is a 24-month deal with T-mobile and involves the T-Mobile G2.

You get 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 3GB download quota, 24 month contract, all for £20 per month. You will have to pay £20 for the phone though.