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Apple Exonerated In Class Action Lawsuit

Apple has been given a clean sheet in a class action lawsuit filed by plaintiff Aram Hovsepian who had claimed $5 million in compensation for himself and others who had suffered from faulty Imac G5 machines purchased from Apple in October 2006.

The judge of a San Jose, California US District Court, Jeremy Fogel, dismissed the case against Apple as he believed that the class action suit filed by the plaintiff was too broad.

Hovsepian had included all the people who had purchased an Apple Imac G5 in 2006, which also included users who did not experience any problem with their Imac and had therefore had no rights to complain.

Interestingly, the plaintiff was earlier given two opportunities for amending the complaint, however, when he failed to do so, the court had to dismiss the case as it thought that the class action suit was too extensive.

Aram Hovsepian had bought an Imac G5 in October 2006 only to experience a faulty screen on which vertical lines began to appear on it in March 2008.

He alleged in his complaint that Apple knew of or recklessly ignored the existence of the defect that caused premature failure of the display screens, and it failed to take remedial action or remove the defective computers from the marketplace.

Our Comments

Apple products have been very popular over the last decade and has raised the visibility of the Cupertino-based firm to new heights. However with great financial successes come great responsibilities as the company is now facing.

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